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For us the trust of our customers always comes first. Therefore, our company has policies on privacy and its handling. We carefully process all information and endeavour provide  data propriety and not disclosing them.
We  processing the  personal information  exclusively for the job.

Обработка личной информации является необходимым минимумом и необходима исключительно для выполнения работы.

Such information as the name of your company or department , job title , contact name , telephone number and fax number , etc. , is processed exclusively for the job and is fully confidential . At the same time, depending on the services provided , Mirai Business Co., Ltd  may require additional information from the customer .

 Presented below confidential client information is used only in the following cases :

◆ Products
◆ Agent services to expand the market of products and other services.
◆ Information about our company , products, services and management.
◆ consulting services, training, recruiting services , etc.
◆ Organization of events and sales promotion.
◆ Other activities related to the company’s business.

About amendments in terms of the confidential information, we will publish on our site.
In some cases, for the work we are furnishing confidential information about our clients to partner companies. In this case, we will sign an agreement with a partner company to disclose confidential information and give only information that is needed to provide the job. In this case, we choose companies that same us,  take a responsible attitude to the non-disclosure of information , we conclude a treaty with them and prescribe in detail the items of non-disclosure of information. In addition, we conduct oversight of the proper performance of the contract.

We use all possible methods to prevent direct access to the personal information of our customers, as well as its loss, damage , leaks and tampering.

Our company handles the personal information of our clients in compliance with strict confidentiality. Therefore, we do not share our customer information to third parties, except if the opening of such information is necessary for the job.

All personal information about our customers is kept in our database, and is given as needed only on request and to make corrections. In case, if we become aware that our customers dispose of information provided to them properly, immediately taking steps to eliminate the use of this information.
Our company strictly adheres to the laws  and norms of customer privacy.

We are constantly improving standards for the privacy and protection of personal information. All employees are trained and adhere to the philosophy of the company.

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