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Marketing research Guidance of the Research service

"Marketing research’"

We conduct market research in Japan, that enables our customers to have information, to make the right decisions and reduce risks. We partner with several reputable companies in Japan, that enables provide research in a short time and reflect the real situation in the market.

We can conduct marketing research in Japan or Russia on commodity products you interesting about.

"On approach a market’"

If you want work at the Japanese or Russian market, open a branch, we can conduct market research on market conditions, competitive products, to collect the necessary information on taxation, etc.


Research itemsInvestigation technique


  【 Online Marketing 】

    - Research using the Internet

  【 Interview 】

    - Interview with a visit

    - Interview by phone

    - Interview in several companies

 【 Questionnaire 】

    - Questionnaire survey

    - Online questionnaire survey

    - Questioning and results collection

 【 Marketing  research for  restaurants or shops businesses 】

 【 Market Research 】

    - Panel research


More details Investigation analysis service is detailed

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